A Mindful Hour for Move Mates

Ana is a Move Mate volunteer in York, as well as a teacher with expertise in mindfulness and mental health

Volunteers from York, Durham and Leeds attended 'A Mindful Hour' with Ana

Ana started the online session with talking about how she got into mindfulness. She discussed how she it began as a ‘seed’ when looking for a way to relax, to slow things down and have a slower pace to life. This then pushed her into a deeper focus around mindfulness. Volunteers discussed their own experiences and understanding of mindfulness.

Ana emphasised the importance of ‘kindness’ alongside mindfulness, to both yourself and to others. She discussed the science behind training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and the positive impact of this intervention reported by individuals. Ana led volunteers through a guided meditation, some mindful eating practise and further discussions around practising mindfulness.¬†

Ana discussed how mindfulness is not positive thinking but being kind to yourself in whatever thoughts you have, and checking in when thoughts arise to see if they are necessary, timely and kind?

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Image from presentation: reads A Mindful Hour Ana Buede-Fletcher
Introduction to mindfulness with Ana
Image from online training session
Ana leading the online training session

Ana led a really useful session with ideas about being in the moment both for ourselves, and doing this with the people we walk with.

Sarah, Move Mates Volunteer

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