Move Mates Stories: Kathleen and Sarah

The first Durham pairing

Kathleen’s confidence increased after a city walk with Sarah.

Kathleen and Sarah hold the honour of being the first ever Move Mates pairing in Durham! Kathleen was referred to us by a social prescriber working with a local GP and she initially thought that she wouldn’t be able to walk for more than 15 minutes. 

For their first walk together, Kathleen wanted to complete several errands, so they had a target straight away. They walked uphill and downhill, navigating the cobbled streets of Durham to visit the bank, the hairdresser and the shops, far exceeding Kathleen’s expectations of walking time. Sarah noticed Kathleen’s increased confidence as the walk progressed, and they both enjoyed the chatting just as much as the walking!

Kathleen and Sarah out and about in Durham

Kathleen and Sarah are looking forward to getting to know each other better, and continuing to build Kathleen’s confidence through their weekly walks together. 

“Kathleen was more confident walking on the way back from town.

Sarah, Move Mate

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