Crossfit Jacana Charity Throwdown

Chris from CrossFit Jacana in Durham did a brilliant job organising a fundraising competition

Sunday 18th December saw a group of over 40 people gathered at the gym with the aim of having a workout and raising funds for Move Mates.

In a first for us this year, the brilliant CrossFit Jacana gym in Durham hosted an in-house fundraising competition they called the ‘Move Mates’ Charity Throwdown’. We absolutely loved Chris’ (Gym owner), brilliant words to all of the competitors that highlighted the impact of physical movement on mental wellbeing and reminding them that this was something they all benefitted from.

An extract from the personal message Chris sent out to all competitors included: ‘Move Mates is such a fitting charity for us to support as walking is such a basic form of exercise that we take for granted. We pelt it around that 400m loop without giving it a second thought, try to put valuable KG’s on those all important barbell lifts and strive for a muscle-up of any kind, when in reality we are so fortunate as there are people out there who cannot even leave the house.’ This is such a great reminder to everyone who takes their fitness for granted that we wanted to share it with everyone!

Not only did they organise the whole event, but CrossFit Jacana also kindly organised a popular raffle that boosted the fundraising on the day. In total, CrossFit Jacana raised a very impressive £700 for Move Mates.

Combined with the all the 12ks of Christmas fundraising, over £1500 has been raised in December 2022 and will be used to help make movement a reality for more people, improving wellbeing through exercise.

The workout in action
The CrossFit team in action
Whiteboard with workout details on
The morning's workout schedule

“I’d like to say a massive thank you to Chris for his hard work and enthusiasm in fundraising for us. It’s great to see people who love being active help people who need support to get moving!

Hannah, Durham Project Manager

If you fancy taking on a challenge, why not fundraise for us at the same time and help us to get more people moving in 2023?

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