Dementia Friends Training Sessions for Move Mates

Margaret, Sue and Deborah have run two great Dementia Friends sessions for our volunteers

Volunteers from York, Durham and Leeds attended the sessions

In December, Sue and Deborah ran an in-person Dementia Friends session for our Durham volunteers and this month, Margaret ran an online session for volunteers from York and Leeds. These sessions included the history of the social action movement which aims to increase understanding of dementia and inspire action. The training helps people to understand the condition and change stigmatising views of dementia. If there is stigma around dementia, this impacts people’s willingness to seek help.

The sessions were really informative, attendees learned that there are more than 100 different types of dementia, with the most common being Alzheimer’s. There were useful discussions around the symptoms of dementia being more than memory issues alone. These symptoms can include difficulties with motor skills, sequencing and communication. 

Both trainers encouraged volunteers to think about the aspect of ‘living well’ with dementia, taking into account what the person with dementia likes to do. Focusing on what their interests are can help to unlocking these parts of people, and reminds them that whoever they were -they still are. Having a volunteer spend time with them, walking and chatting, can really help with this aspect. Volunteers also appreciated the chance to ask about how best to support the people they walk with.

Following the training, some of our volunteers have signed up to be official Dementia Friends. Their training is also available online. Visit Dementia Friends for more information and to train as a Dementia Friend.

Durham volunteers pictured training in a classroom.
The Durham Dementia Friends training session
Slide from online session with participants faces below
The online Dementia Friends training session

Move Mates volunteers really help people with dementia to ‘live well’.

Margaret, Dementia Friends Trainer

Thinking of volunteering with us? Get in touch via the button below. Training is provided and we we offer full support to our volunteers.

We have volunteer socials and ongoing training sessions like this throughout the year.

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