Durham’s Hidden Spaces – Low Burnhall Woods

Join us as we discover hidden green spaces in our blog series

We're in Durham for our hidden green space this month, in a beautiful wood not far out of the city

At Move the Masses HQ we’re always keen to find new green spaces to explore. If you know of a spot near you let us know, we’d love to hear about new places! 

This woodland is a popular place to explore and perfect for walking with families and dogs. This is the fifteenth blog in our series – check out the others here. Don’t forget to let us know if you visit anywhere new as a result – we always love to hear from you! Likewise, if you have anywhere you think others should know about, please get in touch and we’ll feature it soon: hello@movethemasses.org.uk  

Happy exploring!

The willow miner with children in the foreground and views beyond
The views from the vantage point of the willow miner
Path through grassland, surrounded by nature
Paths through grassland, surrounded by nature

How to find Low Burnhall Woods…

The woodland is 2 miles south of Durham city centre, just off the A167.

Show location on Google Maps. 

There is a small car park at the site.

There are bus services from Durham city centre which stop on the A167, just south of the footpath at Low Burnhall. Get off at the Cock o’ the North stop.

The nearest toilets are in the city centre.

There is a good network of paths, rides and open spaces as well as waymarked trails. 

This a popular place for dog walking. 

Did you know…

Some of the brilliant wicker sculptures you can see in our volunteer’s photos are created by local willow artist, Ruth Thompson. Read her blog about the creation of the willow children, built in 2022 to complement the miner and his wife which had been installed a few years earlier.


Low Burnhall is a great place for nature spotting. Wetland habitats, along with the wet grasslands and woodland areas means there’s a huge range of species. As well as a variety of trees, fungi and plants, keep an eye out for otters, kingfishers and meadow pipits!

Stone wall circle on path
On a clear day the views are beautiful
Paths through the grassland
A great network of paths runs through the site
Children leaping around a stone circle
A stone circle is a great place to sit (or stretch the legs)
Willow children sculptures
Willow children playing with hoops

The woodland is maintained by the Woodland Trust. You can find more information about the site here, including lots of information about the different wildlife. Don’t forget, if you decide to visit as a result of this article, please take a photo and let us know!

You can tag us on @move.map on Instagram, or feel free to drop us an email: hello@movethemasses.org.uk 

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