The 12ks of Christmas Challenge

Friday 1 December 2023 - Saturday 23 December 2023
All Day

Welcome to the 12ks of Christmas Your Way Challenge!

This is a virtual challenge which can take place absolutely anywhere. We’d love you to join us to get up and get moving whilst raising vital funds for our small charity. We encourage groups to gather together as much as possible to move, support and, most importantly, have fun!

Option 1:

Reach a total distance of 12k by any self-propelled movement. For example you could walk, run, row, cycle, use exercise machines/ergs.
Complete the distance in 1 go, or break it down into smaller chunks – for example you could complete 2x 6ks or 4 x 3ks with breaks (or days) in-between, or work together in teams taking it in turns until you all reach the 12k goal.

Those wanting the ultimate challenge can complete option 2: The original 12ks of Christmas Challenge!

Option 2:

The original ‘12ks of Christmas’ challenge starts at 1pm on a day of your choice, where you will have one hour to complete 1k of self-propelled activity of your choosing. At 2pm, you’ll have one hour to do 2k. At 3pm, the timer starts again for 3k, and so on!

You can stop at any point. Some might do 1k in total and others might carry on all the way through to 1am, completing 78 kilometres – or the equivalent of just under 2 marathons – overall.

Entries are now closed for this event