Fresh Air and Walking Make People Feel Better

Meet Move Mate Vicky

Local teacher Vicky knows how important contact with people is for older people. It’s just one of the reasons she wanted to be a walking buddy with Move the Masses. 

“I heard about Move the Masses from my friend Egg and other friends who were volunteering. I thought it was a fantastic idea and knew from my elderly Grandma how social contact is so important.”


“I personally find exercise a crucial part of my life and mental well-being so combining the two made perfect sense.

I am a teacher and fortunate that I work part time so was able to make a weekly commitment.

I was paired up with my buddy in October and we’ve met every week since. We spend an hour together and I measure the walk each time as we both like seeing the progress. We’ve gone from a short half hour walk to over a mile including feeding the ducks. We go out in all weathers.”

Vicky’s walking buddy says that walking with a Move mate always makes her feel better and she looks forward to it each week.

“Being a Move Mate is very rewarding and I know what  a difference it can make to someone’s life. It has the double impact of reducing loneliness and increasing exercise. 

I would recommend it to anyone thinking of doing it”


Do you want to be a volunteer Move Mate? Sign up here

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