GoodGym relay raises hundreds for Move the Masses

Over the Bank Holiday weekend, 48 enthusiastic GoodGym runners, many of whom are also volunteers at Move the Masses, divided into two teams and spent 48 hours in a non-stop relay.


Passing on virtual batons (wooden spoons in one team’s case), starting at 12 noon on the Saturday, each runner – of varying abilities – ran their own 10k, messaging the next runner to ‘Go!’ on their return.

“It was a nail-biting, fun, epic event.”

Some people running through the night, others choosing to do 4 laps at a time, some battling incredibly strong wind, others baking in the Bank Holiday sun. It all ended at 12 noon on Monday with an amazing 1120km run between the two teams and an enormous feeling of achievement.


They were largely doing it as a fun challenge to bring people (virtually) together at this difficult time, but GoodGym being GoodGym wanted to do some good out of it. And they chose to raise funds for us. 


They wanted to raise funds for Move the Masses in recognition of the hundreds of people we have supported over the Covid-19 pandemic and with the desire for us to carry this on and support even more.   

“As of the 28th of May GoodGym York raised £1617.03 for Move the Masses, and the money is still coming in!”

The funds raised means we can get more prescriptions delivered so people can continue to shield, ring more people to ensure they feel connected and less isolated, and when the lockdown lifts we can support more people to be able to walk and exercise to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. 


The only thing left to say is a massive Thank You to all the GoodGymers for their endurance and generosity. So many people shared the appeal on their personal social media and had their friends and family support us, by supporting them. 

We are very, very touched. 

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