Hello Becci

Introducing Becci Blues, new CEO at Move the Masses

There are exciting times ahead for Move the Masses, we asked Becci to tell us a little about herself and her plans for the charity… 

Tell us a little about you…

In terms of my career background, I started my career in strategy consulting, working with a variety of clients in different sectors. Over the last 8 years I have specialised in charity leadership. I worked as a consultant and then manager for the National Trust. More recently I have headed up local Yorkshire charity, Community Furniture Stores.

Personally, I love spending time with my family, yoga, swimming (outdoors if possible and I’m feeling brave!), and crocheting things.  I’ve even won a couple of awards for my crafting!

What was it that made you want to be CEO of Move the Masses?

It’s such a fantastic charity with huge potential for growth. It’s really exciting to be joining the charity at this point as it’s well established and we’re looking forward to expanding. For me, the strategic challenge of how we take Move the Masses forward in a sustainable way longer term really appealed.

I have personal experience of the hugely positive impact of physical activity and I know how important it is to feel supported and not isolated.

“The trustees are really excited to have Becci join the team and take the reins as our new CEO. Becci’s high energy combined with her background in consulting and charity work really shines through in her passion for the role. Becci is a real force of nature and we are looking forward to the next era for Move The Masses as we continue to build on all the great work that has gone before us.”

Hayden Holmes, Chair of Trustees for Move the Masses 

What do you see as the biggest challenges ahead?

Our first step will be getting the strategy really clear and then working to align what we do with it. We will need to do this looking to the future, whilst also facing the challenges that most small charities face.  For any small charity in the current economic climate it is vital to make sure there is a strong plan for funding, fundraising and that what we do is sustainable.

What do you think the future of Move the Masses holds? 

Our first step is the growth of our current projects, making sure we’re maximising what we’re doing in those areas. In the medium term, we will look to expand regionally, keeping it relatively geographically focused. Longer term, the plan is to expand wider including greater geographical expansion.

Any final words for our team of volunteers and supporters?

Just a huge thank you for all of the time and brilliant support that you give.  I’m only two weeks into the role but have already heard so many fantastic stories about the real difference Move Mates projects make to people.  We couldn’t do it without the trustees, staff, volunteers and supporters and I’m looking forward to meeting more of you over the coming months.

Becci, CEO of Move the Masses, outside with hedges and trees
Our new CEO, Becci Blues
Steps to an open water pool, Becci's head and hands can be seen
Becci enjoying an outdoor swim

There’s such an exciting future ahead for Move The Masses and I’m very enthusiastic about being part of this journey.

Becci, CEO of Move the Masses

To get involved with our brilliant charity, have a look at our volunteer roles. We have opportunities for face to face volunteering in York, Durham, Leeds, Selby and Pocklington. Roles such as volunteer administrators can be done from anywhere! If you’d like to set up your own Move Mates project then get in touch via info@movemates.org.uk


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