Briony’s Story

The Importance of Wellbeing Walk Leaders

One of our Wellbeing Walk Leaders tells us about her time as a volunteer and how being a part of Move the Masses has benefitted her.

Briony first started volunteering with Move the Masses during the first lockdown, coming on board as a Covid-19 volunteer and making welfare calls. This gave her an insight into how important socialising is, particularly to those who may not have much social contact. While this role was very valuable, Briony wanted to help people to get out and get moving post-lockdown.


Fitness, especially in the outdoors, has played a huge role in Briony’s life due to the benefits it brings to both physical and mental wellbeing. Briony had heard of the success of the Acomb Ambles Wellbeing Walk and wanted to set up a group walk in her local area. Thus, Fishergate Fridays were born.  


Briony wanted to lead the walks to help give those within the community the motivation to get out of the house and get some fresh air, all whilst helping others reap the benefits of movement in the outdoors.

An image of Briony, one of the Wellbeing Walk Leaders
Three people enjoying a break on Millennium Bridge in York

Lockdown has really affected communities and people’s mental health. To be able to offer this help in an accessible way has been very important.

Briony – Wellbeing Walk Leader

After leading two Wellbeing Walks, Briony saw how important the social side of these walks were. The combination of simple social interaction and accessibility appeals to a different group of people and provides an opportunity for those who might be put off by the distance or pace of other group walking activities. Wellbeing Walks are a great place for people of all age groups to meet and have a chat which benefits both the Walk Leaders and participants.


Being out in nature is another amazing part of our Wellbeing Walks. Briony especially enjoys stopping for a natter while looking over the fantastic view of the river and taking in how the view has changed through the seasons.

It is amazing to be able to experience the changes in the environment throughout the year.

Briony – Wellbeing Walk Leader

Briony has also got a lot out of the walks. She says it has been an amazing experience to get to know so many different people and the different interactions that come with leading a walk. It is especially valuable to be a part of something that is beneficial to people’s physical and mental wellbeing.

If you’re thinking about volunteering, just give it a go! It’s really rewarding, and you can really tell how much you are helping each person.

Briony – Wellbeing Walk Leader

One of the advantages of being a Walk Leader for Briony is the flexibility the position offers, along with its many benefits. Wellbeing Walks are a great way to meet new people and be involved within your local community. 


Wellbeing Walks not only help those that attend these walks, but they also help the Wellbeing Walk leaders by providing an opportunity to socialise with many different people whilst enjoying being out in nature in your local community. 


If you would like to volunteer as a Wellbeing Walk Leader check out our Wellbeing Walks page here for more information.

To sign up as a Wellbeing Walk leader in your local area, please complete our online application form.

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