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Written by volunteer blogger, Omolara Okunoren

Manston Park is named after its suburb, Manston in Crossgates, Leeds.

This public park is smaller and generally less busy than main city parks – great if you prefer a quieter spot.

It’s near the high street with its many cafes and shops – plenty of choice for a cuppa and cake after a walk (or opt to takeaway and enjoy on the go!)

How to find Manston Park

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Manston Park underwent a refurbishment in 2022, and is well equipped with tennis courts, outdoor gym equipment, sports pitch and a bowling club.

Historical links - The Barnbow Lasses!

The historical boards and the memorial about the Barnbow Lasses are well worth a look.

The Barnbow Lasses worked at a nearby munitions factory during the First World War which suffered a devastating explosion on the night of 5th December 1916.

Many workers (men and women) showed great bravery in rushing to the danger site to try free and help those caught in the impact.

Tragically, thirty-five women lost their lives outright with many more severely injured.

The boards and memorial standing proudly by the park entrance are a reminder of local history, bravery and sacrifice.

You can read more about the Barnbow Lasses by visiting Historic England here.

Factory engineer, William Parkin who was commended for saving twelve women in the explosion has also recently had a local bridge and road named after him (William Parkin Bridge and William Way).

You can read more by visiting bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds here.

Concerts and Events

If you like music, Manston park often hosts events and concerts.

Upcoming concerts

9th June – Leeds Concert Band – FREE – find out more at Visit Leeds here.

7th July – James Farrell Concert Band – FREE – find out more at Visit Leeds here.

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