Move Mates Work with Social Prescribers

Find out about the work a social prescriber does and how they work with Move Mates

We talked to Faith, from Claypath and University Primary Care Network in Durham, about her role and how she works with Move Mates.

People who need a Move Mate can find us in a number of ways; some people self-refer (or a family member does so on their behalf) and around half the people we support through Move Mates are referred to us by social prescribers. Although the social prescribing model varies between the different Move Mate project areas, the idea behind it is the same.  Social prescribers give people time and help them to consider their own holistic goals, they can then refer them to a range of different local groups as appropriate. Move Mates is one such group.


Read more about the social prescribing model here


Our Project Manager in Durham, Hannah, has been working with social prescribers in the area as she establishes pairings between volunteers and people who need a Move Mate. Faith, from Claypath and University PCN, refers people to us who she feels are appropriate for having a Move Mate and who are also motivated to work with us. She regularly checks in with Hannah to make sure everyone involved is happy and that it’s working for them. 


Photo of Faith, social prescriber who works with Move Mates, smiling
Faith - social prescriber for Claypath and University PCN
Kathleen and Sarah (volunteer) on their first walk together

Our first Durham pairing came about as Faith referred Kathleen to Move Mates, Hannah then paired her up with Sarah and they have been walking together ever since.  When Kathleen was first referred she felt that her maximum walking time was around fifteen minutes however Sarah reports that they have managed much longer walks together. During the time they have been walking Kathleen had a slight setback with a fall at home. However, she’s already back out walking with Sarah who has seen a visible improvement in Kathleen’s confidence over the weeks she has been walking with her.

Kathleen speaks very highly of Faith and it is clear she goes the extra mile and engages really thoughtfully with the people she is supporting.

Sarah – Volunteer

Faith tells us a little more about her role:

“I’ve been working as a social prescriber since early 2020 and can wholeheartedly say I love my job! It’s fantastic to talk to people, find out what matters to them, and create a plan together to improve their wellbeing. However, nothing we do as social prescribers would be possible without the wonderful organisations who deliver the services we connect people to. Working with Move Mates gives us a brilliant resource to help people we work with meet their goals and take control of their own health. Having access to one-to-one support from a volunteer enables individuals to build their confidence and physical fitness, whilst all the while enjoying a friendly chat and the benefits of being outdoors in our beautiful city.”

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