Move Mates Stories: Ben and Jane

Ben* has been enjoying getting out of the house for company and exercise, he's had some tough times and the weekly walks are helping.

Jane has been walking with Ben for a few weeks and has been exploring different local green spaces with him.

Ben was referred to Move Mates through a social prescriber at Linking Leeds. Ben has had a difficult time. He had previously experienced addiction and had been thrown out of home because of this, he also had to cope with the loss of close family members, who he had lived with. He felt socially isolated and not motivated to get out of the house, despite it being important to him. Ben feels much more comfortable in one to one situations rather than groups and he really appreciates this part of walking with his Move Mate volunteer. 

*Name changed for confidentiality


“I just find it hard to motivate myself to get out for a walk on my own, I feel I can go home today knowing I feel better than I did before I went out.

Ben, participant

Photo of two pairs of legs (wearing trousers and shoes) walking on cobbles
Out walking
Photo of trees with a grey autumn sky
Exploring the green spaces on a recent walk

“I feel good now I have been out, looking forward to going home to chill and I have already thought of where to go next time.

Ben, participant

As time has gone on, Ben has felt much more positive about getting out of the house. He looks forward to seeing his Move Mate and has taken the lead on planning their walks together. When he had to cancel a walk, he found he really  missed it, and enjoyed getting back together and getting outside the following week. Jane, Ben’s volunteer Move Mate, has noticed how much more chatty he has become over the weeks they have walked together and enjoyed sharing his enthusiasm for being outside and spotting art, fungi, interesting gravestones and blue plaques. 

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