Move Mates Stories: Ceri and Sue

Sue has been volunteering with Move Mates for the past three years, she has been walking with Ceri for 18 months

David, Ceri's son, got in touch with Move Mates as he realised his mum wasn't getting out independently.

Submitted by Sue, volunteer Move Mate

Sue has been walking with 92-year old Ceri for the past 18 months. Her son David first approached Move Mates because his mum’s anxiety and mobility issues had stopped her going out independently.

Since then, Ceri’s confidence has grown enormously and she really looks forward to her weekly walks. Even when she’s feeling a bit below par, she’ll force herself to go out with Sue knowing that it always does her the power of good.

Ceri’s son David agrees. “Mum has always been extremely active and her reduced mobility prevented her from getting out and about regularly. Walking with Move Mates has made a huge difference to Mum’s health, well-being and happiness.”

In Spring, when Ceri and Sue walked around Hull Road Park, they were delighted to spot a heron high on its watchful perch up in the trees. 

And their latest outing to the park saw Ceri go ‘off-roading’ to get a better look at what was growing in the stream. With great determination she carefully pushed her three-wheeled stroller across the grass and down to the water where she was rewarded with the sight of hundreds of beautiful big bulrushes.

Ceri laughed: “They were amazing! I’ve never seen so many – or if I have, I’ve forgotten it!” They have a lot of laughs on their walks and both always look forward to the next one.

” Mum was feeling a bit down before Move Mates arranged for Sue to take her out for walks. Walking with Sue has made a huge difference to mum’s health and well-being and I’m very grateful to Sue for making mum so happy

David, participant’s son

Ceri pictured with the bulrushes
Ceri, admiring the bulrushes after her off-roading adventure
Ceri with Alvin the dog
Ceri with Alvin the dog, who accompanied her on walks with Pam, her previous Move Mate

 “Ceri is an inspiration! I also really enjoy all the beneficiaries I’ve walked with. When I first became a Move Mate it was for just a few months – over three years ago! It’s such a personally rewarding charity, I’m the real beneficiary.

Sue, Move Mate

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