Move Mates Stories: Leslie and Georgina

Volunteer, Georgina, has been walking with Leslie for the last two years

Leslie had lost confidence going outside by himself as he was finding walking difficult, having had a few falls

Leslie read about Move Mates on a flyer and got in touch as he didn’t feel able to go out for a walk independently. During lockdown he had become very isolated. He’d also lost confidence after having more regular falls due to Parkinson’s. He was keen to get out walking to help maintain his physical health. 

He felt much more confident heading out for a walk with Georgina beside him. Leslie felt that he had less chance of falling with Georgina being there, and really appreciated her extra support in doing things like modelling moving her feet so when he got ‘stuck’ he could mimic her movements.

Over the time they have walked together Leslie and Georgina have become good friends. Although they are no longer walking as Move Mates, they will be keeping in contact, chatting on the phone and going for trips out. Georgina’s boyfriend, Jonathan, has been joining in with their trips and his help has been much appreciated by both Leslie and Georgina. It’s become very much a team effort.

Georgina and Jonathan are continuing to support Leslie. They are all delighted to have met through Move Mates and we are really pleased to have connected them. 

“Having a Move Mate has helped me to enjoy some aspects of life again. I’ve been very pleased with the outcome.

Leslie, participant

Leslie, at home before heading out on a walk.
Leslie, at home, before heading outside
Two people, one a volunteer, outside a café with lunch
Georgina and Leslie enjoying a lunch stop on a walk

“Volunteering gets me out on my days off, it makes me exercise.

Georgina, Move Mate Volunteer

Georgina has been volunteering for around eleven years. When she moved to York to do nursing, she looked for a new volunteering opportunity. Previously, she had volunteered for befriending schemes and she had enjoyed giving some of her free time to a good cause. Whilst searching for opportunities in York she came across  Move Mates, and thought it sounded a perfect fit. It’s been a good way to make friends, she has discovered new areas of York and she finds it really benefits her too. She describes it as: ‘feel-good all round’.

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