Pocklington’s Hidden Spaces – Millington Wood

Join us as we discover hidden green spaces in our blog series

We're near Pocklington for our hidden green space this month, in a woodland dale not far from town

At Move the Masses HQ we’re always keen to find new green spaces to explore. This spot was suggested by a staff member after exploring it one day. If you know of a place near you let us know, we’d love to hear about new places! 

This historic wood is perfect for walking with families and dogs. This is the sixteenth blog in our series – check out the others here. Don’t forget to let us know if you visit anywhere new as a result – we always love to hear from you! Likewise, if you have anywhere you think others should know about, please get in touch and we’ll feature it soon: hello@movethemasses.org.uk  

Happy exploring!

Red and white barrier with car park beyond
Looking back from the entrance to the small car park
Path leading through the trees at Millington Wood
The wide path leading through the trees

How to find Millington Wood…

This 52 acre wood  woodland is 4 miles north of Pocklington.

Show location on Google Maps. 

There is a small car park at the site.

The nearest toilets are in Pocklington. Pocklington has many pubs and cafes and there are a couple of cafes in Millington Village, 1 mile away.

The main path to the clearing is surfaced and level. There are picnic benches and other benches on the route.

The circular walk has 170 steep steps up to the High View Point, and smaller flights of steps to complete the loop. 

This a popular place for dog walking. 

Did you know…

Millington Wood has existed for nearly 1000 years, and is mentioned in the Doomsday Book in 1086. It is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and became a Local Nature Reserve in 1991 in recognition of its wildlife value.

Traditional woodland practices have played a key role in conserving Britain’s woods, and are still important in Millington Wood today. Charcoal makers used to live in the woods and used earth kilns. Today beech and sycamore timber is loaded into the metal kiln on site, and after 16 to 24 hours of burning it turns to charcoal which is sold locally.

Metal charcoal kiln with lid to one side
The metal charcoal kiln still in use today
Path with fence on one side leading through Millington Wood
Part of the 2k loop around the woods
Wooden den made from sticks
It's a great place for den building
View from edge of wood across the Yorkshire Wolds
View from the High View Point at the edge of the wood across the Yorkshire Wolds

The woodland is maintained by the Countryside Access Team, East Riding of Yorkshire Council.  You can find more information about the site here, including lots of information about the different wildlife. Don’t forget, if you decide to visit as a result of this article, please take a photo and let us know!

You can tag us on @move.map on Instagram, or feel free to drop us an email: hello@movethemasses.org.uk 

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