Starting a Move Mates Project

Get Your Community Moving

We are super chuffed that you want to help more people to get walking in your area! We can work with you to launch a Move Mates project in your area, meaning you can have a massive impact on improving the health and wellbeing of your own local community.

Whether you’re a Local Authority Commissioner or a volunteer keen to make a difference, we’d love to hear from you.

Smaller Move Mates projects can be entirely run by volunteers whilst projects in bigger towns and cities may require staffing to run successfully.

Contact us to discuss the needs in your area and we can talk through the next steps.

If there are other people in your area who have told us they’re also interested in starting a Move Mates project, we’ll connect you.

A volunteer and benefactor of a Move Mates project outside walking

How it works

You’ll start by expressing your interest, and we’ll get in touch to find out more about you. Then we’ll connect you with other people in your area who have also registered their interest.

You will receive a full day of training with us, be provided with a comprehensive project operations manual and all the resources you need. We’ll then agree a set-up period and a launch date with your team.

The amount of time this takes will vary from area to area and totally depends on how big you want your project to be, but realistically you will need to be in a position to commit to at least one day per week.

What do we get when we start?

‘I just love hearing how the walks make such a difference to people in so many ways!’

Val – Volunteer Administrator

Sparking Community Action

Sarah's Story

A woman picking up litter while getting out as part of a Move Mates project.
Sarah wanted to get out of her house more. A health condition prevented her from going out alone and with a partner on night shift, she was often stuck in the house.
Sarah wanted to be able to walk to the shops and to her local nature reserve. Regular walks with her Move Mate found they discovered a shared bugbear: litter! So, the pair set themselves the task of litter picking on their next walk.

The combined force of Sarah and her Move Mate meant that not only were they being active, they were also giving back to the community, improving the environment for others living in the area.

“ I don’t like to see rubbish about, so we walked up to the shops and litter picked along the way. I enjoyed it and felt like I was doing something good in the community. At the end I was exhausted but happy, I’d definitely do it again”

Sarah’s story shows perfectly that Move Mates is not about seeing people as needing help, but about enabling people to get on with the things that matter to them. Everyone has something to give.

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