Wellbeing Walks

What are Wellbeing Walks?

Wellbeing Walks allow everybody, no matter their walking ability, to enjoy the benefits that sociable walking provides for physical and mental wellbeing. Our volunteers lead slow, short, accessible walks that bring people together from across local communities. Through meeting new people and encouraging movement, our group Wellbeing Walks improve the physical and mental health of isolated people in society and help inspire community spirit!

Our Wellbeing Walk Leaders lead gentle, easy-going walks around local areas in York, providing opportunities along the way to sit down and have a natter. These walks allow people to socialise whilst also building walking confidence and improving all-round wellbeing.

Wellbeing Walks welcomes people of all walking abilities and can cater for many different accessibility needs. The social aspect of these walks helps to generate new friendships and a sense of community across local areas in York. 

Our amazing Wellbeing Walk Leaders facilitate conversation and provide confidence and moral support amongst walk participants. They allow isolated people to get moving in a social setting  and provide a relaxed, inclusive and welcoming environment.

A group of people taking a break on a park bench

I Want to Come
on a Wellbeing Walk

We currently organise monthly Wellbeing Walks in Acomb, Tang Hall, Fishergate and Micklegate.

All of our walks are advertised and bookable in advance. Take a look at our events page to see information about our upcoming walks.

If there aren’t any Wellbeing Walks in your local area at the moment, get in touch with us to tell us you’re interested and we will try to set one up in your area.


What Happens Next?

If you want to come on a Wellbeing Walk, give us a call on 01904 373017 to book or register through our events page or to let us know you’re coming.

We are in the process of expanding our wellbeing Walk project across York. We are hoping to have Wellbeing Walks in these areas by Spring 2022:

Haxby & Wigginton



City Centre

I Want to Become a Wellbeing Walk Leader

We are actively recruiting volunteers for our amazing Wellbeing Walks project in York.

Are you a good communicator, able to think on your feet, and passionate about community spirit? This could be for you!

This opportunity is perfect if you are low on time but still want to make a difference, because we only ask for you to run one 90 minute walk a month. We ask for you to commit to run at least six walks, or make a commitment of six months.

What Happens Next?

In the application form you’ll be required to provide your contact details and details of a character reference. 

After you complete the form, look out for an email from us. You will be asked to undertake some online training and we will book an ID check with you for the Disclosure Barring Service. 

We’ll talk to you about which area you’d like to walk in and when you would like your monthly walk to be, depending on your local area, availability, and preferences.

‘Being a Wellbeing Walk Leader lets me meet new people, which I really enjoy, and gives me a sense of purpose while keeping me active as well. I get as much benefit as they do’

John – Wellbeing Walk Leader

Why is the Wellbeing Walk Project Needed?

The Wellbeing Walk project has grown out of our Move Mates Project, where volunteer walking buddies are paired with someone who would otherwise struggle to get out of the house. From talking with beneficiaries it became clear that plenty of them wanted to be able to join a walking group, but that there were none that catered for those with limited mobility. This is where our Wellbeing Walk project comes in.

Our Wellbeing Walks enable people to socialise with each other in a friendly, unpressured setting. This increases confidence among participants and brings people together, providing an opportunity for people to make connections in their local community, which in turn tackles social isolation. 

Connecting people with each other

Providing a safe, guided walk

Accessible routes

Support for people with sensory impairements

Preventing loneliness and social isolation

Enabling people to explore their local green spaces

People walking in a brick alleyway

How Does it Work?

Our Wellbeing Walk Leaders organise walks in a local area once a month at a regular time. Our walks are advertised ahead of time and start in an accessible location that is close to public transport links and allows people to be dropped off. Our Wellbeing Walks are easy-going, allowing people to build up their walking confidence at their own pace in a pressure-free environment.

Wellbeing Walks take place in local areas around York, introducing people to local parks and nature reserves. Our Wellbeing Walk leaders are fully trained, giving walk participants the peace of mind they need to get out and get moving in a controlled setting.

Wellbeing Walks helps people in so many ways. Primarily, it boosts general wellbeing, decreases loneliness, and promotes physical activity.


? – Wellbeing Walk Participant