York’s Hidden Spaces – Danesmead Wood

Join us as we discover hidden green spaces in our blog series

We're in York for our hidden green space this month, thanks to one of our York Move Mate volunteers for sharing.

At Move the Masses HQ we’re always keen to find new green spaces to explore, if you know of a spot near you then let us know. We love to hear about new places! 

One of our York volunteers has been in touch to tell us about a hidden green space that is generally peaceful. She discovered it whilst on a run. This is the seventh blog in our series – check out the others here. Don’t forget to let us know if you visit anywhere new as a result – we always love to hear from you! Likewise, if you have anywhere you think others should know about, please get in touch and we’ll feature it soon: hello@movethemasses.org.uk  

Happy exploring!

Open space in wood with trees around and leaves on ground
Within the wood lies this open space
Log seats in opening within trees
Stumps and logs are often used as a resting place

How to access Danesmead Wood…

A five minute walk from Millennium Bridge on the Fulford side sees you enter the glorious Danesmead Wood. You can also find the wood by following the path at the end of Broadway West. There’s lots of little nooks and crannies to discover. 

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This is a usually peaceful spot away from the busier Millennium Bridge area. It is lovingly maintained by a group of enthusiastic volunteers. As well as spotting hedgehogs, our Move Mate has seen foxes in an evening and a large variety of birds. Volunteers have recently planted fruit trees for the general community to pick and have sown a wild flower meadow to encourage and support pollinators. The brilliant folks at GoodGym York have helped lay the woodchip walkways that go through the wood.

Parking is limited and a number of streets nearby are residents’ parking only. It is easily accessible from the cycle path and there are a number of bus routes on nearby Fulford road.

No toilet facilities. There are a number of excellent independent cafes within 10 minutes walk. 

Did you know…

Our Move Mate first spotted the new paths leading into the wood on a run and was delighted to find a glade decorated for Christmas. The Friends of Danesmead Wood decorate the trees for Easter and Christmas every year, making the spot a real favourite with local children. They have also added insect hotels and seating, there is always more to be discovered here.

Hedgehog on grass
Hedgehogs and other wildlife can be spotted here
Tree lined path with woods to left in the snow
The path into the wood is to the left, trickier to find on a snowy day!
Path through the trees with a tree trunk going over it
Paths lead around the wood
Christmas decorations within the trees
The wood is decorated by volunteers

Find out more about Danesmead Wood here, and don’t forget, if you decide to visit as a result of this article, please take a snap and let us know!

You can always tag us on @move.map on Instagram, or feel free to drop us an email: hello@movethemasses.org.uk 

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