A Well-Connected Volunteer Can Work Magic

The Value of Partnerships and Signposting

Move the Masses values the benefits of forming partnerships with other organisations and signposting. Several of our volunteers are also volunteers for other charities as well and this can come in very handy:

Whilst Danny was making welfare calls on behalf of York Neighbours, Sheila’s name came up on his list. 

Sheila felt low and isolated following lockdowns and Danny, who also volunteers for Move the Masses, suggested that she refer herself to Move Mates.


Several months later when Sheila’s name came up on Danny’s welfare call rota again, her first words to him were ‘You’ve got a lot to answer for!’ In March 2021 Sheila went on her first walk with Move Mate John. John told us that Sheila had not walked further than 100m from her home before but they made it all the way to the shop.


Sheila has been having fantastic weekly walks ever since. In June 2021 she achieved her ambition of walking the full length of a local road and back – a total of 3 miles. Sheila continues to enjoy her walks and has “so much more energy for walking now”.

“It’s so great to see everything come together”



Move the Masses works in collaboration with partners across the city to empower people to live a good life – whatever that means to them. Working closely with partners, like local area coordination and social prescribing, allows Move the Masses to reach more people that we can help.


At Move the Masses we actively encourage signposting. People are often pointed in the direction of Move Mates and, likewise, our volunteer Move Mates make suggestions for where beneficiaries can find other resources. Working with other local charities means we can direct people who come to us to the right help.

Our volunteers have signposted people to a whole range of places, such as Community Bees, Age UK, OCAY and York Carers Centre. We have also put on additional training to give them improved signposting knowledge.

For example, representatives from The Hut, Fraud Prevention, Alzheimer’s Society, MySight York and the National Autistic Society have spoken or provided training at our volunteer sessions. We are always open to new ideas for partnerships and community collaboration.

Please click on the links for further information on the organisations mentioned in this post. Move the Masses are pleased to be able to work in partnership with such incredible people.

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