Move Mates Stories: Doreen and Amanda

Bonding over shopping and walking

Move Mates Amanda and Doreen have built a strong friendship through sharing a common interest

Doreen and Amanda have been walking together since October 2021 when the two were paired up by Move the Masses. Almost immediately the pair hit it off. Spending their weekly walks going to the shops or exploring the local area, the pair never run out of things to say. 

Amanda joined Move the Masses in May 2021 after seeing a video on Facebook about the work the charity does. She wanted to give back to the community, especially during lockdown where so many people were affected by loneliness. 

‘It makes me feel so good that giving up a few hours of my week can brighten up hers’


Doreen had surgery on both her knees which meant that walking was tricky for her at times. She signed up for a Move Mate so she could regain her confidence in walking whilst also having some company. The pair often walk for an hour at a time, and often Doreen is able to see old friends and members of the community while they’re out. Come rain or shine – and even snow! – the pair really enjoy the time they spend together. 

A highlight for both of them was a trip into town where they walked along the City Walls and went to Boyes to spend the afternoon browsing. Shopping is definitely a key part of their time together! Their friendship is apparent to anyone who sees them together, and they both love to hear each other’s stories over a cup of tea.


‘We never waste a single minute of our time’


Doreen admits herself that she ‘hates being alone’, and so her weekly walks with Amanda are definitely an important part of her week. From sharing stories about her past in Selby to cracking jokes at each other’s expense, it is evident that this pair value their time together so much.

‘Get yourself out and go do it!’


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