Move Mates Stories: Carla and Andrea

Carla finds it really helpful to walk with her Move Mate volunteer.

Following a stroke in 2021, Carla became disabled and had to move house. This meant a big loss of confidence in getting outside by herself.

Carla found out about Move Mates through her Ways to Wellbeing social prescriber after her stroke in July 2021. Carla felt vulnerable going out alone, not only because of her disability but because she was in a new area that she didn’t know as well.

Walking with Andrea has really helped with her confidence. To start with she was nervous about going out but having a Move Mate has helped with her physical and mental confidence. 

Carla finds it really helpful to walk with Andrea, she enjoys having her company as well as the confidence she gets from having someone there with her. They make a goal for their walk the week before, and base this on what Carla’s physiotherapist has said she needs to work on, for example using her stick. 

Andrea and Carla will often visit the shops on their walks so that Carla can get the things she needs. There’s no pressure to speed up at all and Carla feels this is really useful and appreciates Andrea’s patience. She would advise anyone thinking they need support to leave the house to get a Move Mate. She would feel stuck and cut off without her weekly walks with Andrea and says it’s definitely worth having a Move Mate especially as Andrea is absolutely lovely! 

“It’s good for me both mentally and physically to walk with a Move Mate.

Carla, participant

Two women walking along a tree-lined path
Woman with yellow shopping bag of fruit

I like feeling like I’m useful.

Andrea, Move Mate Volunteer

Andrea is a former occupational therapist, following retirement she was keen to volunteer and to feel useful. She had done some voluntary litter picking but was keen to volunteer in a role where she could interact with others, and have some social contact. Volunteering as a Move Mate works perfectly for her as she gets out to exercise, has some company and loves the support she gets from her Project Manager.

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