Move Mates stories: Gerald and Shirley

Gerald's weekly walks with Shirley are a highlight of his week

Gerald and his Move Mate volunteer, Shirley, enjoy their weekly walks and chats, often accompanied by Scooby (Shirley's dog).

Linda first heard about Move Mates when Mike, from Dementia Forward, came to see her and Gerald. She was delighted that Move Mates were able to support Gerald to get out for a walk and where he could enjoy someone else’s company for a while.


Gerald’s walks with Shirley vary in length, depending on how he is feeling, but they can last for up to an hour. Shirley is led by him and feels that he enjoys the relaxed chat and both her company, and that of Scooby the dog on the occasions that he comes along! She enjoys the walks too.


“Gerald really loves his walks with Shirley, he looks forward to them

Linda, participant’s wife

Move Mate volunteer with man using a walking frame out on a walk
Shirley and Gerald out on a walk
Scooby the dog joining in on a walk

I like bringing a smile to someone else’s face”

Shirley – Move Mate volunteer

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