Reassuring the wider family

Harry and Neil's story

“It has such a positive benefit for my dad.”

Our volunteers provide support and comfort for not only their Move Mates, but the wider community, including beneficiary’s families. An excellent example of this is Move Mate pairing Neil and Harry.


Neil started volunteering with us to help encourage more people to get moving. He was paired with Harry and they walk every week, often popping into the shops for a paper and having a sit down and a chat along their way.


Neil’s company benefits Harry immensely, giving him something to look forward to during the week and providing him with some good company. Neil and Move Mates has also had a huge impact on Harry’s family, his daughter in particular. Lisa, Harry’s daughter, spoke to us about her and her dad’s experience with Move Mates so far.

Harry and Neil on a sunny Move Mates walk

Lisa is the sole carer for her dad, living over a 2 hour round trip from him, so she was interested to learn about Move the Masses. When she first suggested our walking buddy project to Harry he was a little reluctant as he is quite introverted and worried about finding a volunteer who would be happy walking at his slower pace.


“I never feel pushed or rushed as I’m a slow walker. I really don’t think there will be many as good and as helpful as Neil.”

– Harry

Harry’s anxieties were soon put to bed when he met Neil and the two hit it off. Lisa says she has noticed a huge positive change in her dad’s life and notes that Move Mates hasn’t only helped the beneficiary in this case, but also his wider family.


“My dad talks about Neil’s forthcoming visits in a positive manner, it has increased his confidence and well-being as he now has this weekly walk to look forward to and talks about what he and Neil have talked about, so it’s opened up his interests and friendship.” – Lisa


Harry says that his walks with Neil are great and looks forward to having something to break up the week and get him out of the house, especially when the sun is out.

Neil enjoys his walks with Harry as he likes encouraging people to get out and about and experience the benefits of walking and exercise. He says it is a small thing to do to help someone improve their wellbeing – but we think volunteering as a Move Mate is a pretty amazing thing to do!


If you would like to apply to become a Move Mate and volunteer with us, you can do so here.

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