Winter Wildlife Watch

Wildlife Walks in Winter

It can be cold and dark but there’s still so much to gain from walking in the winter months

Whilst much of the natural world slows down or becomes dormant in winter, there is still a great deal of activity and a whole variety of delights to see, hear, feel or smell.

Just as birds and animals need to work harder in winter to keep themselves healthy, so too might we have to work a little harder to motivate ourselves to get outside if it is darker or colder than we would like. However, there are many reasons why it is in our best interests to keep on moving in winter.

The Marvels of Winter

Whilst out on your winter wonders see if you can spot any of the beauties in our gallery below. Snowdrops can start to appear from January onwards, male ducks are in their brightest plumage of the year in winter and holly berries give a burst of colour to the shortest of days.

Winter Activities


Leafless trees can make the imagination go into overdrive – what can you see in their labyrinth of limbs? What other interesting shapes, shadows and lightplay can you find in the winter landscape?


Feed the birds

With food more scarce and harder to find, we can give birds (and other wildlife, such as hedgehogs) a helping hand. You could feed the birds in your garden or local neighbourhood by scattering bird seed or hanging a bird feeder. For more tips on feeding birds please see these tips from the RSPB.



And Finally...

Wrap up warm

Many mammals grow extra fur in the winter, likewise we need to don our warm winter coats, hats, scarves, gloves and boots to stay snug and healthy whilst we are out.


Be seen 

Make sure you are visible to motorists, cyclists and other pedestrians by wearing high visibility clothing or lights in the dark.


Stay safe

If it is too cold or too icy then make sure you do what is safe and right for you. Have a stretch, make yourself a hot drink and plan your next winter route.

If you would like to help someone to get out and about then please take a look at our volunteer Move Mate and Walk Leader opportunities.

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