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Charlene's Story...

It was like a sign that maybe I’m gonna be okay after all.

Charlene has been walking with her Move Mates, Lizzie and Bec, since June 2020. When Charlene was first paired with a Move Mate she let us know that she was prone to falls and in fact fell three times on her first walk, but she was determined and sure that walking regularly was the only way to prevent these frequent tumbles.


On their first walk, Lizzie learned that Charlene had been working as a paramedic at York Hospital when she slipped and fell on some ice, sustaining a head injury that changed her life.


We originally spoke to Charlene and Lizzie about their Move Mate walks in July last year and at that time Charlene could only walk short distances as mobility was still a huge issue for her. You can read that blog here.

Charlene and Bec on a Move Mate walk
Bec and Charlene smiling on a Move Mates walk

Since then, Charlene started walking with our volunteer Bec every week, and she looks forward to every walk, knowing that they’ll have a great time talking and laughing. She can now walk a much longer distance, opting for the long way home on many walks and even walking on her own to meet Bec at the local Sainsbury’s!


We spoke to Charlene about her time with Move Mates and her amazing achievements, you can watch the video here:


Bec makes sure to keep all our volunteers up to date on Charlene’s latest achievements and personal bests, which are coming in on a weekly basis at the moment! Our volunteer community loves hearing other pairings stories, it’s the perfect motivation to get out for their next Move Mates walk.


Find out more about Move Mates and volunteering with us here.


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