Meet Our New Volunteer Blogger

Mercy introduces herself and tells us why she is volunteering for Move Mates

By Mercy Okusun

I was born in the vibrant and culturally rich Western part of Nigeria. I am now a postgraduate student at Leeds Beckett University studying Public Relations and Strategic Communications . I recognise how important it is to equip myself with the skills and ability to share stories that create meaningful change.

Growing up, I developed an appreciation for stories. Stories are a powerful way to shape perspectives. They can inspire change, and ignite empathy within people. It is this appreciation for stories has that has led me to volunteering as a blogger  for Move Mates.

As a postgraduate student, I am working to improve my storytelling abilities. I am building my understanding of the nuances of narratives, and the power of effective communication. My academic foundations will help me amplify diverse voices while focusing on critical issues.

Volunteering as a blogger for Move Mates gives me an opportunity to apply my academic studies, while giving back to my community and making a positive impact on the lives of others through volunteering.

My passion for storytelling serves as a catalyst for my volunteer work. I recognise that stories have the power to connect people from different backgrounds. 

My journey from Nigeria to Leeds Beckett University is helping to shape me. It has helped me to become an advocate for impactful storytelling and a compassionate volunteer and I’m looking forward to doing that as a volunteer blogger for Move Mates.


Mercy, volunteer blogger, on a walk in the woods
Mercy, our volunteer blogger, in Leeds
Mercy, volunteer blogger, out and about
Mercy, heading out on a walk

” I am passionate about volunteering and sharing inspiring stories with the world.

Mercy, Move Mates Volunteer Blogger

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“We are excited to have Mercy join us as a volunteer blogger, her academic skills and storytelling abilities make her a great addition to the team.

Sarah, Communications Officer

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