Move Mate Stories: Georgina and Megan

Four-legged friends bring Move Mates closer together

Dog lovers and Move Mates, Georgina and Megan, get a lot out of their walks and chats together

Georgina was originally referred to Move Mates following a heart attack and two strokes. Her initial goals were to exercise to improve her heart health and circulation. She was also looking for someone to chat to so that she could gain confidence and improve her mental wellbeing.

Since walking with Megan, Georgina has found that she has made positive strides towards both her original goals. She has seen improvements in her walking, and has found the commitment helpful to encourage her to get moving regularly.


I’m trying to walk better. I find it difficult to walk, I’m still slow but I am a bit faster than I was. It’s good to have something regular to look forward to”

Georgina, beneficiary

Georgina has also benefited hugely from the social interaction that walking with Megan offers.

She particularly enjoys the age gap between her and Megan as she doesn’t otherwise get a chance to mix with, or talk, to younger people. She likes how interesting it is for them to share stories and experiences from their different perspectives and in a changed world. 

Walking with Megan gives me something to look forward to. It makes me feel very good. I enjoy our chats and her company; she’s a lovely person.”

Georgina, beneficiary


The pair have also bonded over their love of dogs. Georgina loves dogs and is still pining for the loss of her own so she loves that Megan sometimes brings her dog on their walks, adding a bit of pet therapy to an already wholesome activity!

It makes me happy to walk and chat with Megan. I love that she brings her dog along because I miss my dog”

Georgina, beneficiary

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