Move Mates stories: Jan and Elsie

Walking to rebuild confidence

Beneficiary, Elsie, tells us how walking with her Move Mate, Jan, has helped rebuild her confidence following a fall

Move Mates Jan and Elsie have only been paired for a few months, but Elsie is already seeing the benefits. When they first started walking together, Elsie had just recovered from a fall where she fractured her hip and both wrists. As well as the impact on Elsie’s physical health, it also impacted her confidence – she was terrified of walking, which also made her feel isolated and lonely.

 Elsie is a very sociable lady and knows lots of people in the local area Рand she was missing social interaction. Elsie tells us that one of her favourite things about getting out for a walk with Jan is being able to stop for a chat with people she knows Рincluding with the ladies in the hairdressers, who wave to her as she passes by.

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Elsie’s goal when she started walking with Jan was to reach the local shop – somewhere she hadn’t ventured in a while. Last month, Elsie was delighted when, supported by Jan, she was able to reach this goal, and enjoyed picking out some items for herself. Again, the shop staff know Elsie, so she was met with friendly smiles.

 Elsie tells us that if it wasn’t for Jan, she wouldn’t often leave her house. Walking with Jan provides her with the motivation and confidence to get out and get moving – and, of course, there’s the added benefit of the social interactions too.

Jan’s been absolutely wonderful. She’s got me going again”

Elsie, beneficiary

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