Move Mates Stories: David and Liz

At the beginning of November Move Mate Liz hit a very special milestone

Liz has completed 100 walks with David over the past two and a half years, and has shared the story with us

By Liz Foley

Today marked our 100th walk together, first meeting in April 2021. I estimate we have walked over 300 miles during that time!

I began volunteering after taking a break from paid employment. From personal experience I am aware how poor health and isolation often go hand in hand and was attracted to the ethos of Move Mates – encouraging activity, improving health and reducing social isolation.

When I was introduced to David he won’t mind me saying he was a bit out of his comfort zone – going for a walk and conversing with a complete stranger. Over time, however, as we got to know each other he would say that we ‘muddle along quite well’. David has shown me areas of York that I
have never been to. He knows lots of quiet routes that take us off the beaten track and avoid traffic. I have also learnt a lot about the art of bricklaying which is David’s background.

David is very appreciative of the time I spend with him and I feel privileged that he shares so much of his life story with me. His late wife and the rest of his family mean the world to him. David also never fails to inspire me – he will walk in any weather, is determined to overcome whatever aches
and pains he might be experiencing that day and really appreciates nature in all its forms. I hope I am still walking several miles at 84 years old!

One of the most rewarding aspects of our walks from my perspective is that we nearly always stop and talk to other people, something David would have been shy of doing in the early days.

Although there are occasions when we moan and argue, our walks are filled with laughter and I know that we both finish our walk feeling uplifted. Here’s to the next 100…

Move Mate volunteer, Liz and David smiling together
Move Mate Liz, with David celebrating 100 walks together
David standing next to a cycle path
David next to the cycle path where many of his 100 walks have taken place

“Today marked our 100th walk together! Rain was predicted so we did a circular walk keeping close to home so it would be easy to cut short if required. We were lucky and completed 2.75 miles rain free. We took some photos to mark the occasion including one of David on the cycle path which we have traversed so many times!”

Liz, Move Mate

Thank you to Liz for sharing this blog. 100 walks together is a great achievement and all of us at Move Mates would like to thank you for volunteering. We ask volunteers to commit to three months. Many of our volunteers stay for longer as their weekly Move Mate walks are as enjoyable for them as for the people we walk with. If you’d like to volunteer with us, click the button above to find out more. If you’re a Move Mate volunteer who’d like to share your story then let your project lead know. 

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