Move Mates Stories: Peter and Angie

Glen Gardens in Heworth is the perfect place for Peter and Angie to walk

Peter enjoys the company of his Move Mate volunteer, as well as experiencing the benefits of weekly exercise in maintaining his fitness

Peter has walked with a few different volunteers over his time with Move Mates. He particularly appreciated their company when the pandemic restrictions were in place, and enjoyed the peace and quiet they had on walks during this time. Peter is currently building his strength back up after being unwell.

Peter lives with psychosis, which can make it very difficult for him to get out and exercise independently; he recognises that the walks with his Move Mate have a big impact on his mental health. Peter has experienced hallucinations that make road crossings particularly challenging, practising doing this with his Move Mate gives him the confidence to go out for walks in between times as well as helping him find traffic free routes to explore.

Peter’s long term goal is to build his stamina up to the extent he feels able to incorporate some jogging into his weekly exercise but he’s very aware he’s ‘got to walk before he can run’. Looking back at life before having a Move Mate, Peter says that getting out and walking on his own would not have been possible. He feels so much better for getting out for a walk and it’s great to hear his plans for increasing his fitness levels.

“The walks give me confidence to go out and walk by myself and improve my stamina.

Peter, participant

Peter and his volunteer, Angie in a park
Peter and Angie, wrapped up for a cold winter walk
Two people walking around a park path
Circuits of Glen Gardens in Heworth, York

“It’s rewarding to help people to build confidence and provide the opportunity to be out in the fresh air and increase physical activity levels.

Angie, Move Mate Volunteer

Our volunteers get a lot out of volunteering too. Angie worked as a nurse, and has a huge amount of knowledge and expertise in encouraging exercise. She enjoys using these skills to improve people’s quality of life. Angie and Peter chat about all sorts of different subjects on their weekly walks and it gets her out and moving too, although she is more of a fair weather walker than Peter is!  

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