Move Mates Stories: Jean and Kate

Our second Durham pairing have been getting moving!

Find out about Kate's experience and the impact volunteering to walk once a week has had on her

They went for their first walk together in the rain, which was in stark contrast to the heatwave we'd been experiencing earlier in the week. Kate had been unsure as to whether Jean would want to walk in the rain, but went anyway and was pleased to see Jean's enthusiasm as she said a little rain never hurt anyone. They kept their first walk short to test it out, and walked for around fifteen minutes around the estate, chatting about family and gardens. Kate particularly enjoyed being called a 'youngster' by Jean - that really made her day!

Photo of Jean and Kate (volunteer), a Move Mate pairing out on a walk
Jean and Kate on their first walk

I had a lovely time. Kate is really friendly, and I really enjoyed meeting and chatting with her. You do not realise how far you are walking when you are chatting.


View of Durham cathedral taken on a walk by a volunteer Move Mate
This photo marks quite the achievement for Jean as it's her longest walk to date in order to get a view of the cathedral

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